IBPS Clerk Interview 5 Days to Success: Day 3: Mock Interview

You have completed day 1 and day 2

Welcome to IBPS Clerk Interview Preparation: Day 3. Congratulations!!!  You have learned the frequently asked IBPS interview questions in Day 1 and Day 2. Please feel free to go back to any of these by clicking the below links if you feel so.

Day 1: IBPS Clerk : General Interview Questions

Day 2: IBPS Clerk : Banking Interview Questions

Now lets get our hands dirty by jumping into the interview scene. In this section, we have provided you three mock interviews which will help you to get accustomed to the IBPS clerk interview process.

IBPS Clerk: Mock Interview 1

Candidate profile: Vinay Agarwal, from Delhi has done his B.A in economics from University of Delhi. He currently works with a new generation bank for last one year and want to join a nationalised bank and hence appeared for IBPS clerk test. On clearing the test, he is called for interview. He has mentioned in his bio data that Tennis is his hobby and he has participated in tennis competitions in college.

Interview panel: The interview panel consist of two gentlemen and a lady, all looks to be some senior bank officials. The interview is planned on a closed room. A chair is kept for the candidate in front of the interview panel.

Before Interview: Vinay’s interview was scheduled on 10:30 AM by panel no:2 at Delhi. He has reached the venue by 9:30 AM and started filling up some forms and bio data document provided to him. Interviews are going on for three panels concurrently and Vinay is assigned to Panel no: 2. He is third in the list to be interviewed by the panel for the day. Upon getting the call from desk, Vinay enters into interview room


Vinay enters into the room and greets the panel with a smile.

Vinay: Good Morning Sir and Good Morning Ma’m.

Panel: Good Morning Vinay.

Interviewer no 1: Vinay, Please take your seat

Vinay: Thank you sir. (Vinay sits down)

Interviewer No 1: Nice to meet you Vinay. It seems you are a native of the city. So, how you reached here?

Vinay: Sir, I am staying around 7 Kms from here. I got an auto to reach here.

Interviewer No 1: ok. So, how was your morning?

Vinay: Good sir. I am attending the IBPS interview and that’s really a good news.

Interviewer No 1: (with a smile): Great… Can you tell us about yourself

Vinay: Sure sir. I have done my BA in economics from Delhi University 1 year back. After the course, I am working in a private sector financial institution for last one year and preparing for the IBPS Bank tests.

Interviewer No 2 (the lady): (Interrupts): Vinay, why don’t you continue with the firm that you are working currently. Why do you choose to work for public sector banks?

Vinay: Yes, the company is good. But I have always desired to work in public sector. Hence right after from my graduation, I have started preparing for bank exams. Meanwhile, I got this job. Since it will add on to my skills, I have accepted this.

 Interviewer No 1: ok. We can see that you have done your BA in economics. How do you think your qualification will help in the job of a bank clerk?

Vinay: I hope it will help me to understand the banking principles easily. Moreover, I can understand the changing financial policies quite quickly too.

Interviewer No 1: But, how it will help you in the job of a clerk? Do you think it is the main job of a clerk?

 Vinay: Sir, I understand that as a clerk, my major duty will be help people interact with bank better.  Since I have a good background in economics, I can understand customer’s financial needs better, and this will help them.

Interviewer No 3: ok. Vinay, what is the bank that you deal with for your financial needs?

Vinay: Sir, my accounts are with Bank of India.

Interviewer No 3: Can you tell me one thing that you want to improve from your bank branch?

Vinay: Sir, the bank provides excellent services to almost all my needs. But as a downturn, I can see that the branch is always crowded. May be it is because people prefer it much.

Interviewer No 3: ok. So, you would like to see a less crowded bank. Do you have any suggestions?

Vinay: Sir, in most of the times, I can see that people are coming to cash transactions to bank, like taking cash or remitting it into someone’s account. If we can encourage banking by other means like internet banking or phone banking, it will surely reduce the crowd at branch.

Interviewer No 1: Good suggestion. But do you think it can be accessed by the masses?

Vinay: I hope so, sir. Mobile phone penetration in our country is so high. We just need the right tools to use it for banking. A good campaign is also required.

Interviewer No 1: Where do you think the right place for such a campaign?

Vinay: Sir, I hope the right place is the bank branch itself. Bank officials should encourage people to use these facilities. People will use it if they are convinced.

Interviewer No 2: ok Vinay. You were working for a financial institution and a BA in Economics; you will have good idea of financial terms. Can you tell me what isRepo rate?

Vinay: Yes Ma’m. The rate of interest RBI charges for the amount that it lends to commercial banks is called as Repo Rate). In such a transaction, banks get fund from RBI in return to government securities. Reduction in repo rate helps banks to get money at a cheaper rate.

Interviewer No 2: Good. Who decides the repo rate?

Vinay: RBI, ma’m

Interviewer No 2: Ok. Why do you think RBI should review and change this rate in intervals?

Vinay: Since RBI has the role of safeguarding the economy of the country, it monitors the cash availability in market place. Repo rate is decided in such a way that growth of the country is not hampered at any times and inflation is under control.

Interviewer No 1: Do you know what is RTI ?

Vinay: Yes sir. It is right o Information act.

Interviewer No 1: Can you give more details about this.

Vinay: Sure, sir. Right to Information act mandates timely response to Indian citizens, if they request for government related information. The act guarantees citizens to get the desired information within 30 days. This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 12 October 2005. Central Intelligence and Security agencies are excluded from providing information.

Interviewer No 3: You must have heard about CAG in new papers recently. Do you know what is this?

Vinay: Yes, sir. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India is a constitutional body of India. CAG is reposible for auditing all receipts and expenditure of the Government of India and the state governments. Government-owned companies too come under the umbrella of CAG audits. The reports of the CAG are taken into consideration by the Public Accounts Committees of parliament. Current CAG is Vinod Rai.

Interviewer No 1: Vinay, Tennis is your hobby right? Do you keep an eye on international tennis events?

Vinay: Yes, sir.

Interviewer No 1: ok. Can you tell me who won the French open tennis for men in 2012?

Vinay: Sir, it is won by Rafael Nadal

Interviewer No 1: ok. Do you know which country he belongs to?

Vinay: Spain.

Interviewer No 3: Ok Vinay. From your Bio Data, it is evident that you are a native of Delhi and done your education in Delhi itself. Are you ready to re-locate if you are allocated a branch anywhere else in the country? You know, it’s a transferrable job.

Vinay: Sure sir. Even though I have lived my entire life in Delhi, I have travelled extensively throughout India. Right from my school days, my family used to travel during my holidays.

Interviewer No 1: ok Vinay. We have done with your interview. It was nice talking with you.

(The interviewers shakes hand with Vinay.)

Vinay: Thank you sir and Ma’m. It was nice talking with you too.


Vinay entered into the room with confidence. Even though he is pressurised by the panel by asking questions on how his education background will help to interact with customers, he is able to provide convincing answers.  The panel should be impressed when Vinay is able to provide his suggestions on reducing crowd inside branches and improving efficiency. Vinay prepared well on his background  too and able to answer question on repo rate. He answered the questions on his hobby too.


You have completed Day 3 preparations. Now continue to IBPS Clerk Interview: Day 4